School Community - Our Parents & Friends


The Stella Maris Parents and Friends Association welcomes you to the 2018 school year. The Parents and Friends Association meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month in staff room, starting at 7:30pm.  All parents, guardians, and care-givers are most welcome to attend these meetings.


Aims of the Association


The Association exists to:

·      form a link between the parents and friends of the school and the school staff;

·      provide a forum to discuss matters of interest and concern;

·      foster the welfare and progress of the school and the students thereof;

·      provide opportunities for social gatherings;

·      raise funds.


The role that is often seen to be the most obvious for the Association is that of fundraising. It is indeed true that the school is significantly supported by this group’s fundraising activities. But this is not its only function. The Stella Maris P & F provides support for the school community in areas such as social gatherings, which build community spirit. The Association aims to balance the activities for the year to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.

It is important to remember that this is YOUR school; its success will depend on the level of commitment and involvement that you are prepared to contribute.


Membership of the Stella Maris Parent and Friend Association is open to any parent, guardian, caregiver or friend of a student attending Stella Maris School.