About Us - School Profile

Social Context of our school

Stella Maris Catholic Primary School is situated just outside the heart of the city of Burnie. We have a tradition of Catholic Education spanning 154 years in the Burnie community. The values of the Mercy Sisters remain central to our school. Our school is a double stream school with two of each grade level from Kindergarten to Grade Six. We have a total of 433 students this year and 48 staff members.

Our students enjoy the full range of curriculum choices with a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. The arts are highly valued as a means for students to find out more about themselves and their world.

 We value and celebrate the diversity of our school community. We take a shared responsibility, based on Gospel values, for the wellbeing of each member of our community. Working together we ensure that each person can continue to learn in a safe and supportive environment. This allows us all to be challenged to reach our potential.

Our students come from a diverse range of socio/economic and cultural backgrounds with a strong representation of students with Indian, Sri Lankan and Pillipino heritage. We have 24 students who identify as Aboriginal. 24 of our students are funded for extra support after being identified with Specific Learning Needs.

Our students come from the inner city areas and the outlying areas including Penguin, Cooee, Wynyard, Ridgley, Sulphur Creek, Brooklyn, Yolla, Somerset, Natone and Stowport. A little over one third of our students travel by bus. These are run by private and public companies.


Physical context

Stella Maris School is situated in the outskirts of the city of Burnie. Our boundary is in Futuna Avenue. Because our school has one entry off Futuna Avenue and is situated as an internal block, parking, dropping off and picking up present quite a challenge.

Our school has well set out Kindergarten and Prep classrooms with direct access to the Early Childhood playground. We have 2 distinct classroom areas, one for Kinder & Prep and one for Grades 1 to 6. At the center of our main school building, we have ‘The Hub’, where our Special Learning Needs (SLN) Teacher coordinates a team of two teachers at 0.6 FTE each and seven Teacher Assistants to target more individualized learning when needed.

We also have a Library, a music room, a school hall, and a Discovery Centre which is used mainly for Art, Cooking and Science. Our school is well resourced with Information and Communication Technology. Our ICT communal area has 15 computers. This is complemented by 2 trolleys each with class sets of laptops, and 15 ipads in each of the Grades from Prep to Gr 4. Grades 5 and 6 students are supplied, by the school, with an ipad each.

The School also has its own Canteen and Clothing Store.

We have large grassed areas, 2 netball/basketball courts and 3 playground areas with equipment suitable for different ages. We also use the Marist Regional College oval for many activities

We are proud of our facilities and enjoy using them each day.

Parking is a challenge for our school. The Board has worked closely with the Burnie Council, Department of Roads, our neighbours and input from staff and parents to come to satisfactory solutions. When all parents follow the traffic rules, congestion is kept at a minimum for the peak 15 minutes each afternoon.

We are fortunate to have Marist Regional College adjacent to our site.

We interact with Marist whenever appropriate. Examples include:

Both School Boards meeting to discuss common challenges, combined staff spiritual development days, drama students from Marist performing for Stella students, child studies students coming to Stella for work experience, Year 10 boys program working with staff and students. We have sports science students assisting at our sports carnivals, MDT students working with our Kindergarten students, Stella students taking part in the Marist musicals and Stella  students visiting Marist for their "Wonder Walks" and various activities engaging studies with our children. Strengthening these links with Marist followed our focus investigation in 2014.

We conduct a birth to four years program in the form of Playgroup each Wednesday morning. This has proven to be invaluable in beginning to establish meaningful relationships with parents and families. These sessions are held in our Kindergarten rooms. All are welcome.

Since School Registration in 2011, we have developed the Early Childhood Playground to reflect the nature based learning required for this age group.

We look forward to upgrading our general learning areas in the main part of our school at the end of 2018, planning is currently underway.